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Sequence expansion by zeros and interpolation - does it insert additional frequencies?

I am struggling with understanding the consequences of oversampling on the frequency spectrum of the signal. If I understand correctly, with an oversampling rate of 8X we insert 7 new values for each ...
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What is the difference between undersampling and oversampling in analog to digital conversion ?

When converting a signal from analog to digital, we observe undersampling and oversampling. Does oversampling means that the sampling frequency is greater that the signal's frequency and does ...
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Sampling - Higher order harmonics

I have been studying about the sampling theorem and it seems that even though we sample at a frequency with the nyquist criterion, the harmonics (due to sampling process) remain within the nyquist ...
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The downsampling step with discrete wavelet transform

For one stage discrete wavelet transform (DWT), if we have a signal with 1000 samples occupying the frequency range from zero to 500 Hz, the output of the low-pass filter is a signal with frequency ...
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LPF in the stage of IQ demodulator is it a analgor filter or digital filter?

I recently designed the LPF of the IQ demodulator using the Butterworth LPF refering to But I have ...
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Decimation FFT Result

In my Signal Processing class we just learned decimation however after messing around in Matlab trying an example of decimation, I just can't understand what's happening. I get the introducing twi ...
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Sampling, filters, windowing, FFT. From theory to help on this coding list

My plan is to analyse the spectrum of samples from a microphone. I wonder how correct this suggestion is. The below description may then fail on several points. I am in need of somebody with a red ...
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Decimation effect on the spectrum

If I have a sampled cosine wave signal with Fc = 80kHz and Fs = 200kHz (so the Nyquist region is between 100kHz and -100kHz) and I want to preform a decimation by the factor of 2. Will my input signal ...
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Number of discrete samples required for the longest wavelength

I am trying to understand the effect of the critical Nyquist frequency when applying the Goertzel algorithm for estimating the power spectrum of a discrete signal. (Goertzel doesn't really matter, ...
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Convert analog to digital and back to analog

I'm trying to convert a signal from analog to digital and back to analog to observe the working of ADC and DAC, I use AD9248 as ADC and AD9767 as DAC, both of them are available on THDA ADA Altera ...
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