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What are the purposes of color extraction using k-means clustering?

Using K-means clustering it is possible to reduce the amount of colors in an image. What are the purposes of using this method for extracting colors from an image?
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How to Cluster Image Colors Using K Means Clustering in CIE a*b Domain?

I am working on building detection from aerial images using Image Processing in MATLAB. I am doing an image segmentation based on the local homogeneity of image. I want to apply K Means Clustering in ...
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Unsupervised Way to Choose K in K-Means Algorithm

There are couple of methods listed here about finding the value of k in k means algorithm. How much sound is each of these procedure when used to find out the value of k in unsupervised manner.
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Evaluating clustering result

I am working with phoneme clustering. I have been using $k$-means clustering have done $k$-means on 2 different data: spectrogram vector and MFCCs. I would like to know how I can evaluate the result ...
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