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ICA and Gaussianity: A Misleading Example in the Book Konstantinos Koutroumbas, Sergios Theodoridis - Pattern Recognition

A book reports that ICA cannot be used if the independent components of the analyzed data are Gaussian (at most one can be Gaussian, but no other). However, in the same book, the following example is ...
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Classifying 2 Classes of Ultrasound Signal Using Machine Learning by Frequency Domain

I have two samples which, when exposed to ultrasound, emit their unique frequency responses. As can be seen in the attached figure, where the exciting frequency is 2.25 MHz, sample 1 emits a strong ...
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Image Clustering Using Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) Compared to t-SNE / UMAP

This is a a continuation of the discussion from Unsupervised Clustering of Images. Image that we have MNIST database and we want to separate all the images like this. But we want to use Linear ...
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Unsupervised Clustering of Images: Which Algorithms?

Given a set of images $ \left\{ \boldsymbol{x}_{i} \right\}_{i = 1}^{N} $ how could one cluster them in an unsupervised manner? What are the useful features / tools to do so? For instance, will ...
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Modern Method for 1D Signal Segmentation

I want to segment a signal in an unsupervised manner. The data is a 1D signal which has different segments which I want to be able to segment automatically for farther processing. I am looking for a ...
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Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equation vs Riccati equation

Most of the literature on Reinforcement Learning discuss Hamilton Jacobi Bellman equations for optimality. In dynamics however Ricatti equations are used. I am curious if there are any parallels ...
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What Is Meant by Clustering of ICA (Independent Component Analysis) Components?

I'm following the EEGLAB tutorial about STUDY creation and manipulation of the datasets, and came across the concept of clustering of ICA components. I'm not too familiar with processing of ICA ...
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How to Cluster Image Colors Using K Means Clustering in CIE a*b Domain?

I am working on building detection from aerial images using Image Processing in MATLAB. I am doing an image segmentation based on the local homogeneity of image. I want to apply K Means Clustering in ...
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Unsupervised Way to Choose K in K-Means Algorithm

There are couple of methods listed here about finding the value of k in k means algorithm. How much sound is each of these procedure when used to find out the value of k in unsupervised manner.
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