Many years ago I had a PCI sound card (I think it was some kind of SoundBlaster but not sure, this was maybe 15 years ago) with a 5 1/4 disk sized front panel with various ins and out.

I remember using ASIO4All but there was also a graphical component where I could program the DSP directly by creating a visual circuit and add effects and other features, and I used this to create a multitrack studio with talkback capabilities to the artists.

But I can't for the life of me remember what it was, or find anything similar on the webs.

is the 10k DSP chip still a thing? If not, what is the modern-day equivalent, and is the visual programming still available for it.

Thanks in Advance.


ASIO4ALL is a hardware independent low latency ASIO driver for WDM audio devices. As being a (wrapper) driver it does not support programming other but change of settings (device/channels selection, bit depth, sample rate, I/O buffers (latency)) through control software.

Regarding DSP programming tools, could you mean Creative/SoundBlaster specific kxproject driver/software?

Edit 1:

Creative/SoundBlaster DSP chips are listed here.

There are also software based methods as well as like EqualizerAPO (system-wide equalizer for Windows) which lets you route channels, EQ filtering, convolution etc..

  • $\begingroup$ Thank you so much! It was indeed the SB Audigy and KXproject, which sadly doesn't seem to be active these days. $\endgroup$ – Edward Allan Apr 22 at 9:24

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