Farshid PirahanSiah

My interests span a wide range of avenues in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. I have been working on computer vision during my masters and PhD programs. Currently, I am Computer Vision Research Engineer at TIER Mobility in Berlin,Germany . I was senior researcher at MIMOS Berhad (Malaysia's national R&D center in ICT) in area of computer vision and video analysis. I have designed and developed algorithms and applications for license plate recognition systems in my master research. I continued working on computer vision and robotics (camera calibration, image pyramid, optical flow, video stabilization, robot localization, and Type-2 fuzzy sets and systems). I was teaching assistant for several courses such as, OpenCV, Computer Vision, intelligent systems and research tools. In addition, laboratory teaching assistant for artificial intelligent system. Moreover, I have conducted workshops in image processing, research tools, and hands-on workshops in deep neural networks for computer vision.