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FFT: Does the result of $N \log_2(N)$ stand for total operations or (complex) adds and multiplies?
4 votes

{EDIT: The original question concerned a $1920\times 1080$ FFT, not a $2040\times 2048$ FFT. So the parts of this answer that deal with sizes that are not powers of two are no longer relevant. I will ...

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How to distinguish between the different frequency domains?
3 votes

This answer is primarily opinion. It seems to me that the most sensible thing to do is to make the transform of interest clear in your text. Then you can use "frequency domain" exclusively and ...

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Spectral analysis of positive signals
1 votes

To give a complete answer to this question you're going to need to provide more details about the kind of models you're considering in the first place. But yes, in many cases you can augment those ...

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