Somdip Dey

CEO @ Nosh Technologies

Artificial Intelligence Scientist @ University of Essex

TED speaker

Love and Hate relationship with Technology because it makes us lazy but improves our lives a lot at the same time. So focusing on 'How technology can improve lives?!' ###Drink Tea and Code ;)

###Always busy but I am happy to help whenever I have some spare time. You can also follow me on here on MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network)

Oh, I also happen to have a personal website: http://somdipdey.co.uk/

We coders sometimes love to boast our coding skills and so I will leave it here anyway ....

Top 13% for C# in United Kingdom: Top Users Per Country & Tag

Top 4% for C# in India

Top 5% for C# Globally: Top Users For A Tag

Care about Performance and Optimisation of your Software? I know you do. Why not use this Nuget Package to track your system performance (in CSharp)?!

Some of my free-to-use codes/programs are also available on GitHub.

My Favourite Top Queries on Stack Exchange:

###Find Stack Overflow Users In Your City (with user-links) With Their Score For One Particular Tag

###Find Top 30K Stack Overflow Users (with user-links) With Their Score Globally For One Particular Tag

###Find A Stack Overflow User's (with user-links) Score For One Particular Tag - Globally

In case you are interested on my Research Contributions in different topics of Computer Science please have a look at My Google Scholar Profile Or My ResearchGate Profile

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