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Dinne Bosman
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Dinne is a versatile and entrepreneurial High Tech Software Engineer. Dinne is a Specializing Generalist; an innovator with broad knowledge and interests. He has contributed in projects from quotation to final product and participated as researcher, software engineer and manager. Dinne currently focuses on quality assurance and specifically a safety critical railway project. In this project he played the role of lead test engineer where he designed and implemented tests (in C and Python) for embedded software.

Before working as a freelancer Dinne was the founder of an engineering company that developed (embedded) software and hardware for high-tech prototypes. As an entrepreneur, he has developed a mindset focused on the customer. Dinne is interested in the realization of innovations in which consistent quality and manageable risks are key. At present Dinne is working to establish his knowledge and experience in the field of High Tech Testing through certification.

In his spare time Dinne likes to experiment with new technical inventions in the field of artificial intelligence, sensors, vision, audio and mobile apps. Dinne writes a blog ( and is an active contributor to the open source community (

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