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Looking for interesting Deep Learning Projects.

  • MS.c Applied Mathematics Technion Haifa.
  • BS.c Computer science, TLV university.
  • BS.c Mathematics, Philosophy , TLV university.
More about me:
My Work

2015 - NOW ASSISTANT RESERCHER, SHEBA TEL HASHOMER Deep learning to detect and predict cancer evolvement from sequential MRI images. Since labeling MRI data requires excessive resources, I participated in 2 data since: Competitions that offer high quality, aurally labeled divers medical data: • Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation Challenge 2017. The problem is a segmentation of 4 levels of cancer in MRI images. Data and Results samples added below. • 2018 Data Science Bowl, (Top 11 %) The problem is a segmentation problem of nuclei in divergent microscope images. Environment: Python, Keras, Theano, Nvidia GPU.

FREELANCE PROJECT Churn prediction project for a big media company. The project included modeling and engineering of large amount of usage data, and Budding prediction models to identity the churn population. Project code: Environment: Python, Keras, Theano, Tensorflow, Amazon Cloud Currently developing my TensorFlow abilities.

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