James Paul Millard

I am a man who lives in Northern California. My interests are digital signal processing, C++ programing, music, illustration, history, sociology, and literature. Before retiring I worked as a software engineer, and later had a small website (www.creativedetectors.com) to sell a few pitch detection applications for music which I had created.

Now being retired, I have decided to release the C++ source code for my Pitch Detection Engine within a free demonstration app called PitchScope Player. PitchScope Player is available on the web for free, and you can download the executable for Windows to see my algorithm at work -- detecting the notes of musical instrument solos upon mp3 files of your choosing. PitchScope Player is a MP3 player which can also do real-time note detection while you listen. The newly detected notes are animated upon a colored circular display while the Windows Midi Synthesizer plays the detected notes along with the music.

The link below to GitHub.com will lead you to my full C++ source code for Windows, where you could compile and view how I perform real-time Pitch Detection upon polyphonic mp3 recordings.


enter image description here

Some of my favorite books on Digital Signal Processing as it relates to the analysis of Music:

Signal and Image Processing with Neural Networks -- A C++ Sourcebook, by Timothy Masters, John Wiley & Sons, 1994

C Algorithms for Real-Time DSP, by Paul M. Embree, Prentice Hall PTR, 1995

Digital Image Processing, by Rafael Gonzalez and Richard Woods, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1992 (many of the DSP algorithms for the study of Image Processing are reused in the analysis of Audio and Music)

Computer Imaging Recipes in C, by Harley Myler and Arthur Weeks, PTR Prentice Hall, 1993

Musical Applications of Microprocessors, by Hal Chamberlin, Hayden Book Company, 1985

The Music Machine -- Selected Readings from Computer Music Journal, edited by Curtis Roads, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989 (this single book launched my extensive exploration into Pitch Detection)

 A 3 second Logarithmic DFT (created by my C++ code) from a Eric Clapton guitar solo on a polyphonic mp3 recording

A 3 second Logarithmic DFT, created by my C++ code, from a Eric Clapton guitar solo on a polyphonic mp3 recording

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