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I will try to answer your part of your question based on experience. Since, non ideal signals will contain noise you will have to remove it to some extent. For this you have two approaches: Moving Average filter= y[n] = $\frac{1}L\sum_{k=0}^{L-1}x[n-k]$ , where L is the window size of the filter, note that moving average filter is a comb filter and will ...


I might have the ingredients to an answer here and here and here.


For the Fourier transform (FT) of the Morlet wavelet, I also arrived at the same equation as that of @Electricman. Based on that equation, I sought a relationship between $f_b$ and the standard deviation of the Gaussian form of the FT. Is there any citable published literature (book or journal article) arriving at the following derivation? $$X(f)=\mathcal ...

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