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How can I track detected objects from frame to frame

Object detection is relatively a heavy task as you've notice. Detecting the object (in your case human face) in every and each frame would be cumbersome and computationally immense. Therefore, you ...
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MATLAB Image-Processing Toolbox: asking for a roadmap!

If the distinct contents/ingredients really have different colors than you just have to take a picture, always in the same location/distance, and then count the amount of pixels for each color. You ...
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"Bi Directional" Kalman Filter - Kalman Filter for Smoothing

Anuar Y, Welcome to the DSP community. What you're talking about is called smoothing. Let me explain, assume we have samples $ {\left\{ x \left[ n \right] \right\}}_{n = 0}^{N - 1} $ and we want to ...
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Recognizing object of interest in object tracking using Lucas-Kanade method

Tracking objects can be simple to complex depending on what type of background you have, whether the background is static or moving, whether the object is clearly distinguishable or can share similar ...
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Are location in BRIEF feature descriptor reused?

When using a randomized pattern in BRIEF, this means that you computed random positions inside the patch once in an offline procedure, then used these random locations every time you computed the ...
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Tracking movement of audio speaker driver using images

A single frequency coming out of speaker is very much a stationary process, then why go for a Kalman filter? Use a Weiner filter instead, much more easier to setup and makes sense for your problem. ...
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Tracking an object in a video with

I think I can come up with two suggestion to address this problem. First (simple) You can simply use HSV color space, and try to find right thresholds. It seems in HSV colour space, the car is ...
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Is image processing impacted by the lens or sensor size of the camera?

Is image processing impacted by the lens or sensor size of the camera? Yes, since both affect the image that is processed. That was easy :) For the purposes of object detection and tracking, does ...
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Turning a MPG video into a set of coordinates

You can use opencv library with python for image processing. Use Videocapture object to capture video from video MPG file. Do cap.read() to read frame by frame. Convert your frame to grayimage by ...
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Algorithm for object tracking

assuming you have a relative high frame rate video (the object is moving relatively slow between two consecutive images) some standard tracking algorithms can be applied. Mean shift [Wikepedia - Mean ...
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Kalman filter for tracking obstacles

You might consider a particle filter. Here's a link to a paper I wrote about tracking objects in video using a particle filter. The great thing about these is that objects can be tracked through ...
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Object Tracking with Improved Detector of Objects Similar to Target

I didn't read the paper but let me provide some intuition about object detection and tracking. When you try to track a target in a video, object detection algorithms might not be enough and you need ...
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Kalman Filter for estimating position with nonconstant velocity & acceleration

However, in Matlab it seems that to implement this I would need to assume either constant acceleration or velocity which is not the case since the rodent is freely moving. First of all you can choose ...
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Edge following using Hough transform

SLAM is Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. If you have maps already, I think your main challenge in line following is the localization part. For straight lines, Canny+Hough pipeline works ...
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