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Generate a Time Series from Power Spectral Density Python

Sorry, this is a rather tortured implementation of something that's pretty straight forward. It's hard to point out what exactly is wrong in your code since most of it seems nonsensical to me and ...
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Dynamic Time Warping in Matlab

So I managed to find the answer. Matlab returns overall distance or cost of signal alignment. We can find individual cost of each point of 1 signal to each point of 2 signal (example x(1) cost to ...
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Dynamic Time Warping in Matlab

It is the distance, so smaller the better. There is a nice tutorial on DTW: Abdullah Mueen, Eamonn Keogh - Extracting Optimal Performance from Dynamic Time Warping. If you need to do this fast, the ...
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Equalizing Standard Deviations of Sequences through Smoothing

One approach is to use the fact that the signal variance (which can be computed from the standard deviation) is equal to the signal power with its mean removed. Therefore: Remove the signal mean ...
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