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Bits - symbols mapping in M-PAM beginner question

$2^k$-ary PAM maps $k$ bits (which can be expressed as integers in the range $[0, 2^k-1]$ to $2^k$ levels that are equally-spaced and symmetric about $0$. ($0$ is NOT one of the levels).. The levels ...
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Es/N0 with roll-off

Following the comments by AlexTP (thank you), there is one clear mistake in my reasoning. Using a roll-off factor indeed increases the bandwith but it colours noise too. The mistake is $P_n = W'N_0$ ...
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Es/N0 calculation on received symbols

Generally: Here, you need to be better at explicitly writing down your channel-, noise and signal models! Being clear in your head about this answers such questions pretty easily. There's no "...
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Energy per symbol calculation

The first equation, $ \frac{1}{N_s}\sum |x[n]|^2 $, is correct. Applying the RRC filter kind of smears the energy of the symbol over several samples so that when you add them all back up again you get ...
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