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Video stitching for static scene (infinite loop video)

Lets assume your camera axis has polar and azimuthal angles and you want to align your frames only regarding the azimuthal angle and set the polar angle free. First you have to find the geometric ...
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Feature matching of images without corners

I have referred to Stage I.D of this tutorial. Hope this helps. http://www.robots.ox.ac.uk/~vgg/practicals/instance-recognition/index.html#stage-id-improving-sift-matching-using-a-geometric-...
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Quantifying stitching effects

Your subjective lablelling of these example images is suggesting a metric that is related to the mosaicking artifact in your image stitching algorithm. Therefore, I would suggest trying different edge ...
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When joining two signals of different frequencies how do I find the phase shift that makes the join smooth?

Generate the second sine wave as $$x(t) = sin(\omega_2 t + \omega_1t_0)$$ where $t_0$ is the time when the frequency changes from $\omega_1$ to $\omega_2$ .
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