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The implementation in MATLAB is here: https://www.irit.fr/~Cedric.Fevotte/extras/neco09/code.zip


Humans do not use FFTs or fixed size windows when perceiving sound. So the mechanism of displaying STFTs can't be used to categorize what a human will "detect", or to produce data that will have a "clean audio quality". For high frequencies, humans can perceive with a higher time resolution than STFTs that are spaced apart by 1024 when overlapped. The ...


Regarding the first paragraph of your question: The number of samples used in a discrete Fourier transform (DFT) depends on your desired DFT bin spacing (the frequency difference between adjacent DFT bins) in the frequency domain. If that desired bin spacing is Fo Hz, and the time-domain signal sample rate is Fs samples/second, then the number time samples, ...

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