Stereo vision, or Stereopsis, is the process in visual perception leading to the perception of depth from the two slightly different projections of an object onto the two eyes. Computer stereo vision mimics this behaviour by having the computer compare multiple images of a scene and determine the differences between identified features.

Stereo vision, or specifically Computer Stereo Vision, is the process of extracting 3 dimensional information from 2 dimensional images by using multiple points of view of an object.

The multiple images of the same object are processed to remove artifacts, apply filters and general clean the image of distortions. The images are then processed by a series of transformations, such as rotations and scalings, to place both in the same plane. This process is known as image rectification. The features of the images are then compared to produce a disparity map which describes the best correspondence of the features. The disparity map can be further processed to produce a height (distance) map of the features of the original object.