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A lot of radar systems are interested in measuring Doppler, one example of which is pulse Doppler (PD) radar. PD radars are capable of measuring both range and velocity (with ambiguities, but that’s a different topic). The basic idea behind a PD radar is to transmit many pulses of the same waveform and observe how the phase of a target return changes. To ...


Zero pad your FFT (append zeros) such that you get more samples of the Discrete Time Fourier Transform (DTFT). The DTFT would give you the sidelobes and roll-off that you want to see (specifically for your diagram you would zero pad an input that is all ones, or an input that is any constant value).


Since I don't have access to your data, I found similar data online at It gives X-Y-Z accelerator readings. It is pretty clear that frequency content in the green and red sections are different. The green has significantly more high frequency components than the red. The ...

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