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Analysis of two audio signal by autocorrelation

The "MCU" plot looks like there was a DC component in the signal, that ran through the autocorrelation function. The triangle is typical for this. Try highpass filtering before the analysis. ...
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How to choose correctly oversampling ratio?

The referenced post does not imply that 8 samples per symbol are required, that is only what was used in order to show the extended spectrum as copied below: What I have also included in this copy of ...
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Down sampling an EEG signal

Merely downsampling will result in a loss of information, unless you know the data of interest lives in a particular frequency band which you can filter down to. To determine that, you should look at ...
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IMU data using ble protocol is in a weird format

It's base64 encoded. The string eyJBWCI6MC42OTksIkFZIjowLjY2NiwiQVoiOjAuMjIyLCJHWCI6MTYuMjk2LCJHWSI6OS44ODcsIkdaIjotMTMuODU1fQ== decodes to ...
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