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What should be the correct scaling for PSD calculation using $\tt fft$

You are normalizing after doing the PSD calculation. Some people do normalize after doing the FFT itself. In that case you don't need to normalize again, just follow the formula of Amp^2/(2.delta_f) ...
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Multiplication of function with Dirac impulses: sketch signal

The product $x(t)\delta(at-b)$, $a\neq 0$, can be rewritten in the following way. With $\tau=at-b$ we have \begin{align*} \int_{-\infty}^{\infty}x(t)\delta(at-b)dt &= \frac{1}{|a|}\int_{-\infty}^{\...
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How does the sampling rate of a digital filter limit the sampling rate that can be used for replay of filtered signal?

Actually, the filter you designed is not a lowpass filter with cut-off frequency of 300 Hz. You designed a digital lowpass filter of cut-off frequency at $\frac{300}{10000}\cdot2\pi=0.06\pi$ in ...
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