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12 votes

Why is sampling frequency/rate typically abbreviated Fs and not Sf in English?

DSP is in the end a field of math, mostly living on the intersection of analysis, linear algebra and maybe stochastics. As it describes signals, it's also a daughter of Physics. So, it uses the ...
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3 votes

frequency selective channel $\ne$ multi-tap channel?

But the converse is not necessarily true, is it? Ah, it usually is. Here's two aspects we need to address: Is every multi-tap channel frequency selective? We need to differentiate between the ...
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2 votes

realistic sampling - where am I wrong?

It is hard to follow what you did as your nomenclature is inconsistent and you didn't explicitly define any of it. I believe the bit you got wrong was the Fourier transform of $h\left[t\right]$, with ...
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