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How to calculate the variance of the noise samples $n[j]$ in terms of $N_0$ and $B$, where $n[j]$=$n_f(jT_s)$ and $T_s$ is the sampling period? Do you know how to calculate the variance of the process $\{n_f(t) \colon -\infty < t < \infty\}$? No? Hint: it is the area under the power spectral density curve of $\{n_f(t)\colon -\infty < t < \...


I think the jitter to SNR formula is based on a gaussian jitter. You use "rand" which yields uniformly distributed numbers. You should use randn() instead which yields numbers distributed according to a gaussian distribution.


Probably not much advantage either way, possibly unless you've got a really high-order modulator (in which case someone else will have to answer!) If the state-space representation is a single-input single-output system, and if it's linear, and if it's running in steady-state, and if data path widths aren't an issue, then there's no difference between it ...

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