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Aligning/syncing one audio file to another using Python

The mp3 de-/encoding messes up the alignment. Try exporting the audio to wav-format: adjusted_audio.export(newAudioFile, format="wav", bitrate=bitrate) ...
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Binning and Frequency for FFT on Financial Time Series Data

As far as using the FFT to analyze financial data; that really depends on what you are looking for. The FFT can give an indication of cyclical patterns if they exist. The FFT for bin 0 should not ...
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Blackman-Tukey PSD in Python

The reason the scaling is so far off is because you are squaring the correlogram. The definition of the periodogram is (per Stoica and Moses) \begin{equation} \hat{\phi}_{p} = \frac{1}{N}\lvert\sum_{t=...
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