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Given two low-pass digital IIR filters, find bandpass coefficients

It's true that only impulse responses of linear phase (FIR) filters can be added or subtracted (if the delays are aligned) such that the resulting filter's magnitude response equals the sum or ...
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Implementing logarithmic AGC (automatic gain control)

I believe the issue is in deriving the power with the absolute value or squaring only, which when the log of this is taken, results in very large negative numbers as the result approaches zero in each ...
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Unexpected frequency components after applying bandpass filter in python

When you "turn on" filtering at time zero, the filtered output starts with a transient plt.figure('signal filtered') plt.plot(t, samples_filt) To make ...
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Given two low-pass digital IIR filters, find bandpass coefficients

If you just want to cascade a highpass with a lowpass you can simply cascade the poles and the zeros. ...
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What is the best method of describing the effects of downsampling on a chromatographic signal?

There are several possible metrics that come to mind. The first step would be to upsample the downsampled signal to the original sampling rate. This would be unneccessary if you can get your hands on ...
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Plotting a Manually made Spectrogram with python

Use librosa.stft() as the reference implementation of a STFT spectrogram. And librosa.display.specshow() the reference fo how to plot a spectrogram. Then you can compare your implementations to those, ...
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Detecting bullet holes using Python with camera or sensors

A couple of comments from a practical aspect, I can't comment on the electronics side - close grouping of shots will be an issue unless you an automatic paper roller feeder system which "closes ...
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Help on audio filter with FFT on python

I've heard that some sounds in most languages use some very high and low pitched frequencies, so it would make sense it doesn't sound complete after those frequencies are removed. Getting rid of the ...
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Is there an a method to fit a wave created from two wave?

I am not an expert on FFT and numerical modeling. I just tried to make an attempt since no one is answering the question. I used trial and error and gets an okay fit. I do not understand why I need to ...
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Extract approximation and detail coefficients

How do you get the rest of the approximation coefficients? The pywt.wavelt only gives the highest level of the approximation coefficients (if level is set to 5 we ...
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