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Math for projecting 3d world point to VR image coordinates

Your images look like being shot with an angular fisheye projection . Also, to account for epipolar geometry of stereo images, you should include the fundamental matrix into the transform engine of ...
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How can it be that there is a series of integrals in Fourier Series if it’s a projection on a continuous basis?

The short answer is that the sinusoidal components are only orthogonal if they are integer multiples of each other. Any other choice of frequency would not result in $<s1, s2> = 0$, which can be ...
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Projection Matrix derivation to constrained optimization problem with Lagrange multiplier

You can't solve the problem in the way you intend to, because $x=H\theta$ is not a constraint in the usual sense. Note that $\theta$ is unknown and must be chosen such that $||y-x||$ is minimized. A ...
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What is the expression for intensity of Laser beam focussed at a point at an angle theta?

Methodology We can apply simple ray optics to this problem, and it gets easy! What you're describing is an Orthographic Projection (OP). So, what you'll do is realize circles subject to OP become ...
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Transforming Non-Uniformly Sampled Image onto Rectangular Grid

You are trying to achieve something called interpolation and this can be done in roughly one line using MATLAB. Interpolation is well explained over the web so I won't detail the functioning in this ...
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