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how to get the location long and lat out of the raw measurements?

I only know the vastly simplified form: all satellite nav systems work by the satellites telling you where they are and what time it is. In GPS terms, that time is the "pseudorange", and it's all you ...
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Python - Find the coordinates of the point at the tail of the fish

To achieve this we will need to detect sections of the contour where the "x" coordinate is growing or decreasing. But if we work with the contour as it is now we will have many such ...
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Find the position of a short music track in a longer track

This is a job for a matched filter. Matched filtering the long track with the desired short track (or a sufficiently long segment of it, as Hilmar pointed out in the comment) will give you a peak at ...
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UWB Indoor Positioning

Are there any resources where I can study about the algorithms it uses to calculate the direction? "positioning" and direction finding are typically two different things; you can use ...
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How to triangulate 2 sources on a 2d plane formed by 4 sensors?

Conceptual partial answer: You can use 3 mics to find position in 3D space, except you can't tell if it's above the plane or below the plane (unless you already know there's nothing above the plane, ...
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Rollercoaster: determining subject position from inertial data?

The ride has temporal variance (ex. sometimes getting from A to B takes 300ms longer) The carts are driven by a motor on certain parts of the ride (e.g. up a slope). The acceleration should be fairly ...
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Kalman Filter for estimating position with nonconstant velocity & acceleration

However, in Matlab it seems that to implement this I would need to assume either constant acceleration or velocity which is not the case since the rodent is freely moving. First of all you can choose ...
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