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To my understanding, CFO is SFO is So they are different. Could you explain that SFO is a mixture of STO and CFO?


Hint: the convolution is not circular in that case as we used DCT instead of DFT. Luckily, that's not true! At the receiver, you're doing a DFT, and you've prepared the transmit signal such that a convolution with the channel looks like a circular one by prepending the CP. The fact that the data inside has something to do with the DCT is irrelevant there. ...


OFDM is just math; an OFDM receiver is just an algorithm. As a microcontroller is a universal computer (i.e. equivalent to a Turing machine), it can execute any algorithm. So, the answer is yes. Whether or not it is performant enough / has enough memory for the specific OFDM system you have in mind is something nobody can tell you without knowing exactly ...

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