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How to recognize speech bubbles in comic strips (Ideally OpenCV)

As said in the comments an efficient way is to first detect letters, words and text with OCR. Then try to expand each text zone to its corresponding text bubble. Depending on the text bubble design ...
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Licence plate enhancement

I guess image denoising and image super-resolution techniques could be used to enhance license plate images. Here are a few relevant links: Image denoising based - SNIDER: Single Noisy Image ...
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Compare feature vectors of an image in MATLAB

As far as I understood you're seeking the best similarity measuring function. There are zillions of metrics for that purpose, in fact any clustering algorithm such as SVM, K-means and neural network ...
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Filtering kinda "half-toned" image for OCR processing

you can remove this using a low-pass filter. that's either done in frequency space, or just take the (difference of) gaussian of the image.
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What principles to use, in order to create field that will be read by OCR?

There's been forms like that forever: In Germany, the Ɯberweisung (wire transfer) / Verrechnungsscheck (Cheque for accounting) have always been on things like this: Link and as far as I can tell, ...
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How to Clean Black and White Images Which Are Results of Edge Detection

Turns out, the trick to solve this was just to realize that from frame to frame the background was changing, but the text was staying constant. So by doing an | ...
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improving pre-processing (noise removal) orange seven segment display for OCR reading

The shapes you are interested in are very regular while the noise you are trying to deal with will be less regular. Ideally, you will only have two shapes at the end of your processing: wide ...
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Any idea what's the OCR tool behind `myfonts.com/WhatTheFont` font recognizer?

I believe this question is off-topic, but this page suggests that the algorithm is described in:
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Pattern matching methods: Based on Area and Based on features

Yes, if applied properly, HOG is a good feature extractor even for OCR. I could point you towards an OpenCV sample and a MATLAB digit classification tutorial which do exactly that. However, if you ...
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Segmentation of warped text lines

Your images are quite nice and clean, so it may be possible to do segment the letters using a single function on MATLAB. In fact this is the kind of image which MATLAB uses as examples in its ...
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Segmentation of warped text lines

Your question is very broad and I won't go read the papers and implement it for you. If you could show specific problems, we might help you better (or the guys at stackoverflow for programming ...
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