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Why doesnt DFT Padding cause sinc like features

The OP is showing very good insight in all the comments stated. A product in the time domain with a rectangular pulse is convolution in the frequency domain with a Sinc. In fact zero padding in time ...
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Why doesnt DFT Padding cause sinc like features

@George kirby. I suggest you discard that notion of "multiplying a step function on top of the original signal to form a longer time sequence". I believe such a multiplication is not ...
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Why doesnt DFT Padding cause sinc like features

lots of good stuff in the above answer. But you can absolutely see the sinc function in the frequency domain - just pick a sin wave that's got a period that evenly divides the new signal length. For ...
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Trying to replicate results from tfestimate function in Matlab

I can confirm the following algorithm successfully replicates the tfestimate function for my signals $x(n)$ and $y(n)$, Algorithm Divide $x(k)$ and $y(k)$, where $k=0,1,\ldots,N-1$, into data ...
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What function can be used to describe periodicity of the signal

You are sampling, then resampling, then (essentially) filtering. Everything that you see can be explained because of the combination of these effects. You're starting with a signal at 100Hz: $x(t) = \...
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