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OFDM Signal and IQ Paths

Note that the IFFT sequence for one set of complex numbers (vectors) transmitted through a communications medium is not periodic. So that single transmitted complex time-domain sequence is not going ...
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LTE PSS Channel Estimation for coarse SSS Equalization

Every 5 ms it is sent an OFDM Symbol which carries a PSS. So by using the block based channel estimation it might be possible to interpolate these PSS channel responses over time to get a $ h_{x_u}(f,...
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CFO limit for correct LTE Zadoff-Chu Synchronization

The CFO estimation range is defined by the length of your correlation sequence, such that: $f_{est} = +/- 1/T$, where $T$ is the length of your sequence in time. Rewritten another way: $f_{est}= +/- ...
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