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group delay of Bessel filters

The group delay $\tau(\omega)$ of a Bessel filter equals $1/\omega_0$ at $\omega=0$, where $\omega_0$ is the normalization frequency. It is independent of the filter order, unless we choose different ...
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Ratio of aliased to desired energy of a sampled signal

@Link Coquin. When there’s confusion, or a disagreement, about some signal processing operation I follow the advice given to me years ago by DSP practitioner Randy Yates. Randy said, “Go back to the ...
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Applying Lowpass filter on a signal in time domain gives ringing artifacts - how to get rid of them

Why do I see the ringing artifacts after the decay of the impulse response and why are they pronounced at the end of the signal? DFT based frequency domain multiplication corresponds to circular (not ...
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