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Decay of the impulse response for poles contained in the unit circle

The transfer function $G(z)$ is usually expressed as a ratio of $\mathcal{z}$-transforms in the following way: $$G(z) = \frac{Y(z)}{X(z)} = \frac{b_0 + b_1z^{-1} + b_2z^{-2} +\,\cdots + b_Mz^{-M}}{1+ ...
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Linear-phase zero-latency IR?

Is it possible ... in a way that is both zero latency and phase-accurate? No. Zero latency + linear phase = zero-phase filter. This type of filter is fundamentally non-causal and you cannot implement ...
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How to find response of DT system to an input

As mentioned in the comments, this feels like a bit of a trick question since the filter is unstable. We typically don't provide full answers to homework problems, but you appear to be in a bind and ...
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