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i would suggest you use randn() instead of rand(). The most straightforward way to produce band limited noise is to filter white noise. you could conceivably use a Gibbs sampler but that would be less efficient and require knowing how to set up the problem. Could you explain why you are making a distinction?


In the early days of analog television broadcast with CRT display receivers, it was found that instead of sending a whole picture frame information (576 PAL video lines) at once at a frame rate of 25 Hz, it was visually better to send half the lines as even field (0,2,4,...,574) and odd field (1,3,5,..,575) at 50 Hz. This is called interlaced video 576i for ...


how do you even measure the frequency of a digital signal? This may be the source of your confusion. In digital communications, data is transmitted using an analog, continuous-time waveform. This is necessary because only this kind of waveform can exist in the physical world. Like all waveforms, it has a bandwidth, and its Fourier Transform determines what ...


What determines the effective range of frequencies for a given frequency and distance in underwater acoustic channels are the frequency and distance dependent path loss, and the power spectral density (PSD) of the noise. The path loss is given by $$A(f,d)=d^{\kappa}\left[\alpha(f)\right]^d$$ where $d$ is the distance between the transmitter and receiver ...

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