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Why is the time domain low-pass filter the "sinc" shape?

One way to think about it is the requirement of what a filter does, and what is the relation between the time domain and frequency domain plots of the signal or the filter. This also requires to know ...
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Why is the time domain low-pass filter the "sinc" shape?

It is a good way to understand the lowpass behavior of sinc function (as well as the convolution) through visualization. I've made some modification on this animated convolution project and here are ...
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Why is the time domain low-pass filter the "sinc" shape?

Perhaps one way to see the sinc is as a special moving average filter. As you noted, the lower the cutoff frequency (filtering out higher frequencies), the wider the sinc mainlobe. This corresponds to ...
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What is the reason of existence of Fourier transform? (Why we use Fourier transform?)

The Taylor series attempts to model a limited piece of a function or a data series using a weighted sum of polynomials. This only works for relatively small values of x or t. The Fourier ...
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“The Fourier transform cannot measure two phases at the same frequency.” Why not?

If you change the phase at a constant frequency, FFT calculates a different result. Unfortunately, it is common practice to erase the phase by forming and displaying the magnitude (see line 7 in the ...
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