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Relationship between fourier transform and fourier series

Transform looks right, but the logic afterwards needs some correction. $$ X(\omega) = -i \pi A \left(e^{i \alpha } \delta \left(\omega -2 \pi f_0\right)-e^{-i \alpha } \delta \left(2 \pi f_0+\...
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Magnitude and phase spectrum of a periodic signal

For magnitude and phase you need the complex Fourier coefficients: $$c_n=\frac{1}{T}\int_{0}^Tx(t)e^{-j2\pi nt/T}dt\tag{1}$$ I think your Fourier series is correct, so you can directly determine them ...
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What is the reason of existence of Fourier transform? (Why we use Fourier transform?)

The Taylor series attempts to model a limited piece of a function or a data series using a weighted sum of polynomials. This only works for relatively small values of x or t. The Fourier ...
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