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Inverting a channel can only be done when the channel is a minimum phase system (trailing echos only). A minimum phase system is characterized as having all zeros in the left half plane (for the s plane, or equivalently in a sampled system and the z plane all zeros inside the unit circle). Inverting such a channel results in poles where every zero exists, ...


You've got a system of equations with 2 unknowns ($A$ and the phase offsets). You hence need two equations. That means two samples.


Addition and subtraction in 2's complement or unsigned is the same. The only difference is for overflows. Assuming 16-bit arithmetic, overflows occur in unsigned addition when you go over 0xFFFF (65535). For example, if you add 1 to 0xFFFF you will wrap around to 0. In 2's complement, the overflow will technically occur when you go over 0x7FFF (32767). If ...

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