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Jamming resistance in spread spectrum systems

In order to work well, a jamming signal must be well-correlated with the signal it is trying to jam. In the case of sine-wave modulated signals, it's easy to detect the signal one wishes to jam, to ...
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How can I create a jamming signal for desired frequency?

The aim is to get SINR of the desired receiver low. Take a high power signal and spread it in the desired bandwidth. For ex: take any bit sequence and spread it in a bandwidth using CDMA like pseudo ...
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What are the types of noise (FM,AM, MSK modulated) that I can use for jamming GSM signals?

Almost any kind on in-band interference (like Gaussian noise) will mess up the GSM signal and prevent its correct reception. Note, however, that: Transmitting on the GSM band without a license is ...
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Is there a way to protect your signal?

You could use an antenna array to focus the transmission to the intended receiver only and to send a more powerful jamming signal to all other directions.
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Is there a way to protect your signal?

Signal integrity is a full area of electrical engineering and signal engineering. A few examples : To protect a propagating signal in free-space you can emit it louder (=more transmitting power, ...
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