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You may filter frequency band you are interested in and then downsample,so you won't lose much information. If that is not sufficient you can use filterbanks to process different frequency bands independently.


First, 0.3dB is generally considered small potatoes in signal processing. Second, the documentation for scipy.signal.decimate states that it uses an 8th-order Chebychev filter by default (without specifying the ripple, dangit!). Chebychev filters have some ripple in the passband; if the bulk of your signal's energy is falling into the troughs of the ripple,...


I assume you'r talking about digital interpolators. An interpolator is basically an L times expander followed by an anti-imaging lowpass filter with gain L. The cutoff frquency of the lowpass filter is defined in the discrete-time frequency domain as $$ w_c = \frac{\pi}{L}. $$ The analog equivalent of this cutoff frequency is $$ f_c = F'_s \frac{ w_c }{ ...

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