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Understanding how to implement high-pass filter with cascaded biquad filters

Answer to question 1 is very short: it operates in both. Filtering in the time domain will affect the frequency domain, and vice-versa. If you meant to ask about implementation, the answer is similar: ...
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Basic tools for digital filter design?

There are also some interesting on-line tools that can be used to design the filter and obtain the filter coefficients. These can be copy-pasted to the code and then be used to implement the desired ...
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How to design IIR digital filters?

Despite previous commenters decrying the design method, I found an interesting online tool at which satisfies the questioner's requirement of manual placement of poles &...
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80-tap Decimation Filter: divide into stages? / Cost of having a number of taps

This is a bit late to the game and it depends on the decimation factor, but recently I've been working on a multichannel SDR receiver and in doing so stumbled on this article about half-band filters. ...
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Truncating the output of a digital filter. Which part to discard?

Truncation will also will always result in an error. Which truncation schemes is best depends on the specific filter, your signal and what classes of error your application is more or less sensitive ...
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