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Tuning Active Power Factor Correction converter works in Simulink, but having trouble achieving the same in DPS

Here's what I would try, these strategies are not mutually exclusive Try to run your real system in open-loop. Given that your system is a power-factor corrector, you could probably simulate or ...
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Multirate Control System Transfer Functions

The primary impact of a CIC filter in a control loop is the delay it introduces, as a linear phase filter, in addition the change in amplitude within the loop bandwidth. The gain reduction actually ...
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Why is it necessary to have two state variables

It's useful to think in the definition of a Markov state: all information about the state at $t+1$ can be derived from state at time $t$ and control at time $t$, ONLY. No information older than $t$ ...
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Different PI controller implementations and their respective discrete transfer functions

On the 2nd approach, your transfer function looks fine but translating it into C code appears wrong. To re-write your z-domain as a discrete finite difference equation where $y$ is the output and $a=...
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