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I have used Matlab Coder/Embedded Coder/Simulink Coder toolboxes from Mathworks to convert Matlab/Simulink to C/C++. They work well. The code is easy to read and you can navigate from C/C++ to Matlab easily in the code generation report. Pros : -The code is easy to read. -Integrates almost seamlessly with your code base. -Portable. Cons : -Slightly ...


I have heard good things about eigen: If you are on iOS I would look at: It is possible to call Matlab from C. But hardly portable or something you do for a product. I have reimplemented parts of Matlab several times («a good Matlab programmer ...


Maybe a bit late, but since others might land here like me. The following are good signal processing libraries/frameworks: * - lots of classic signal processing + cascading options * - advanced statistical signal processing Both provide generic facade, fall-back implementations as well as performance ...


Welcome to SP. I happen to have already answered your question in SO: see point 2 of my answer here.

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