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Hilbert transform filter for audio applications: Using IIR half-band parallel all pass structure

Ross Wilkinson's answer is great but there are a few details it misses that I would like to clarify here since they helped me implement his suggestion practically, and I spent quite a while confused ...
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Detecting and fixing clipped positive waveforms

This is possible to detect programmatically (python, numpy, librosa) Yes. There are bunch of different ways: If your signal is known to be DC free (which would be expected from most audio sources and ...
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Using DCT to create real-time "levels" animation from microphone input

So the conversation with Juha P made me realize that I had been badly misinterpreting the results of the DCT. Once I used a sweep tone, it became clear that my data was fine, but the range was crazy-...
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How can I use a constant Q transform to detect low frequencies without making the buffer size too large?

It sounds like you are asking why the human ear can distinguish piano low notes quickly, yet this algorithm needs more than one second to do the same. The answer becomes apparent if you run a piano ...
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Removing a repeated sound from an audio file

Is the sound effect added on top of other audio digitally with no processing afterwards? If so, you could just find the time reference (cross correlation) and subtract it.
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