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Find the Equivalent Noise Bandwidth

I have already asked (in another thread) how to quantify (specify) the window function I have created. One figure I need it seems is the Equivalent Noise Bandwidth (ENBW) Or Noise Equivalent Bandwidth....
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Moving average vs. Moving median

I have read in many places that Moving median is a bit better than Moving average for some applications, because it is less sensitive to outliers. I wanted to test this assertion on real data, but I ...
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Hanning and Hamming Window

I am new in the field of signal processing. What's the different between Hamming and Hanning window? When we use the former and latter?
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Window period(overlap) and FFT

How does changing the window period (i.e the number of points overlap between two frames) affect the FFT results ? Suppose that a time series signal was converted to frequency domain by FFT with ...
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Understanding overlapping in STFT

I understand the concept of the STFT. In order to avoid spectral leakage, you use a Hann window that overlaps by 50%. However, the problem that I have, is that the example code online does not account ...
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Hilbert transform with a sliding window

I have a input voltage signal which has disturbances present in it. I am actually discretizing the input signal into say $1300$ samples and taking Hilbert transform of the signal by taking $N$ samples ...
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Window with optimal sidelobes for a given ENBW / frequency-resolution

Is there a family of windows which is "optimal" in terms of energy above/below a boundary, but with controllable ENBW/bandwidth? By optimal, I mean maximising energy concentration inside ...
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Why coherence function calculation needs averaging of different segments of the signal?

I am trying to understand coherence function calculation. I am working with a non-linear system without any noise. Coherence function is defined as: I understand that coherence is 1 for N=1, but I ...
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Frequency Support of Window Functions

All window functions, which go from zero amplitude, up, then back to zero amplitude, are all base-band signals. Why is this? Are all functions that have this behavior always band-band aka low-pass?
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Is an FIR filters 'transition width' frequency dependent?

I was recently brushing up on some FIR filter design and was browsing the Wikipedia page. A claim in the article caught my attention: The main disadvantage of FIR filters is that considerably more ...
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Interpolated FIR filter group delay

I'm trying to design a digital low pass filter with a narrow transition band. My sampling rate is 25 kHz, the cut off frequency is 60 Hz & the transition band width is 4 Hz. I'm looking for about ...
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FFT of signal data with windowing, overlapping and averaging

This is my first ever question here so the help is really appreciated. I am performing FFT on a signal. I want to perform windowing, 50% overlapping and averaging to the signal. There is a function <...
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