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A memoryless non-linear system whose input-output relation, written for example as out(t) = f(in(t)), is fully characterized by a non-linear function f(x).

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1 answer

Signs of waveshaping polynomial coefficients

I'm playing with some basic functions for distortion purposes. Odd order polynomials generate odd harmonics, even order polynomials generate even harmonics. When I combine them, both types occur at ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Harmonic distortion of sine signal. plotting resulting spectrum

I'm trying to learn about how the spectrum of a sine signal changes when fed into a waveshaper and i've learnt a great deal from you guys here on stackexchange. Specifically how a transfer function ...
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8 votes
4 answers

Monotonic, symmetrical soft-clipping polynomial

Okay, I intend to answer this question myself, but I would like other folks to pipe in on it. The issues or requirements are this: Input to soft-clipper is $x(t)$, output is $y(t)$. Output $y(t)$ ...
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