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Color Image Watermarking with a Grayscale Watermark

I'm currently working on a project on digital watermarking in a color image. The host image is a color image, and the watermark image that will be embedded is a gray. Is it necessary that the ...
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Remove watermark from video

Is there a process to remove a watermark ever present across all frames of a video? I was thinking that comparing frames and taking pairs poorly correlated, could give a clue about the watermark both ...
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Linear correlation of two vectors?

We had a lecture on digital watermark detection using linear correlation. Here it was explained that the linear correlation of two vectors is equal to their scalar product divided by the dimension. So,...
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Robust custom watermark algorithms?

I'm doing research on image and audio watermarking, and so far I've read some literature in order to get basic introduction and good initial understanding of this topic. Right now I'm reading book "...
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Finding delay parameters for watermarked signal

I have a watermarked signal WATERMARKED SIGNAL And the actual watermark WATERMARK In Matlab, I need to find out the delay parameters $d_i$ which can be considered as the embedded information.such ...
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Audio Steganography: Inaudible Audio Watermarking for Source Identification

What is a relatively inaudible audio watermarking technique to overlay a broadband audio signal on top of playing music without analysing the music for low-bitrate source identification? Ideally ...
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Which of DFT, DCT and DWT transforms is more robust to noise and geometric transformations in image processing [closed]

I am currently studying about image watermarking and I have been testing these 3 domains to embed the watermark at. My question is, how do these domains hold up to noise addition or geometric ...
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Is there a theoretical limit for how much information hiding can be done through watermarking?

There is a classic channel-capacity notion that exist based on the work of Shannon that gives gives measure of amount of information that can be passed through the channel given its properties. In ...
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