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How virtual ads work in stadiums?

I was looking at a technology which enables virtual advertisement on the perimeter ads in soccer. It's relatively an old technology for a few years back, but I'm surprised to see the quality of it. ...
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object tracking in raw h.264 compressed video

I am working on a project that requires me to detect and track a human in a live video from a webcam connected to a Beagleboard xm. I have completed this task using Opencv in pixel domain. The results ...
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Is there a way to see video after applying packet loss

I have encoded a video stream using JM using RTP. Then i have applied rtp_loss on it but after that i am unable to decode video. Like in this example a video with different packet loss percentages are ...
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Is it possible to introduce (banding, moire and other effects) on a presented video that makes it impossible to capture with an iPhone?

an absolute noob here, so possibly a silly question. I wonder if it's possible through video editing, to purposefully induce screen capture distortion effects on a video to such an extent that when ...
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How can I combine two analogue video signals into one single analogue output?

Once upon a time desktop PCs had a 2D graphics card and a 3D graphics card. A pass through cable connected the 2D into the 3D card, which combined and outputted the two signals over layed. If I had, ...
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Apply fft on video as 4D array

I working on a project called " eulerian video magnification " and i want to apply FFT on video and get the frequency response from the video . I have gotten 4D array ( frames,width,high,...
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Can I get audio version of UCSD dataset?

I request to please tell me the source through which I can access audio version of UCSD dataset. UCSD is an video anomaly based dataset. Kindly guide me in this respect. Regards,
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Convert h264 to VFR mp4 with duplicated frames/timestamps

I have a .h264 video file with a separate text file containing timestamps for each frame in timestamp v2 format. Where the ...
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API/ Library for re-orienting 360 degree camera frame efficiently

I am trying to correct the orientation of a 360 degree camera frame using roll, pitch and yaw estimates coming from my C++ Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) code. I am interested in using libraries and ...
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How can I convert raw pixel data to AVI video?

I have series of gray-scale 8-bit frames and I want to convert them into AVI video. How can I do this? Is there any existing converting utils or products for this type of task? I even do not ...
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Want to do shot boundary detection via SVM, what are some good features?

I want to do shot boundary detection via SVM's. I'm dividing the frame into nxn blocks. Per block I'm finding these features: shannons entropy edges (H,V,Diag) standard deviation for consecutive ...
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