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Questions tagged [variational-methods]

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Is the behaviour of the following filter plausible?

I've designed a filter based on this equation $$ E(u) = \frac{1}{2}\int_{\Omega} \left[(u-f)^2 + g(\lVert \nabla u \rVert)\right]dxdy $$ Euler-Lagrange equations in this case are (should be) given ...
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Cross-quantilogram method

What is this method in general? What is the main difference between the quantile cross-spectrum (QS) approach developed by Baruník and Kley (2019) and the cross-correlation function (QS) developed by ...
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Estimating global affine brightness difference

Let $f$ and $g$ be two images. With two functions $a$ and $b$ the brightness difference of the images is to be estimated with the following functional $E(a,b) = \int_{\Omega} (((a \cdot f+b)-g)^2 + \...
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