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How should I interpret $z_1^{-1}$ if $z = e^{j\omega(i)T}$?

I'm trying to understand how I should create all these $z$ values. Each $z$ values is equal to $z = e^{j\omega(i)T}$ were $j$ is the complex number (instead of $i$), $\omega(i)$ is the i:th wrequency ...
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Representing a digital ramp function in terms of unit step function

I am following a DSP course by Prof. Datta Roy which is available on you-tube. I have a concern on one of the ways he represents a digital ramp function in-terms of digital step functions. The digital ...
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Discrete Time Systems with cosine()

I am trying to see if y[n] = [cos(πn)]x[n] is casual, stable, linear and shift-invariant. I came up with the solution that it is not stable since it is not "...
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Correct SNIR computation units

I would like to know the correct units to make a SNIR computation. I am using the following formula: $$ \text{SNIR} = \frac{1}{\frac{1}{\text{SNR}} + \frac{1}{\text{CIR}}} $$ I have SNR in dB and ...
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Autocorrelation of a Shifted Sequence

Suppose I have a sequence $x[k]$ with $\mathcal{Z}$-transform $$ X(z) = x_{0} + x_{1}z^{-1} + x_{2}z^{-2} + \ldots + x_{N-1}z^{N-1}$$ I know that for real-valued $x[k]$ the $\mathcal{Z}$-transform ...
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Unit delay operator as parameter in function

I'm busy trying to implement a filter from this paper. I'm a bit confused with one particular step (30e in the paper). Basically I need to find the zero frequency gain (K) of the following whitening/...
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