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System classification: unit-time delay

I'm reading a book on linear systems and I can't understand why the unit-time delay is a distributed system. This is the example given in the book: I understand that the initial state of the system ...
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SRF-PLL discretization problem

So I've been working on how to digitally implement a static reference frame PLL (SRF-PLL), which is a quite popular PLL used for extracting three-phase grid angle. This PLL works by using the DQ0 ...
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How/why are the $\mathcal Z$-transform and unit delays related?

The $\mathcal Z$-transform uses the same notation as the unit delay $z^{-1}$, but in $\mathcal Z$-transform $z$ is a complex number. What's the relation between the $\mathcal Z$-transform and the ...
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Splitting the Unit Delay

Please refer to the paper Splitting the Unit Delay - Tools for fractional delay filter design by Laakso, Valimaki I am not able to visualize how the fractional delay is obtained by resampling ...
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Unit delay operator as parameter in function

I'm busy trying to implement a filter from this paper. I'm a bit confused with one particular step (30e in the paper). Basically I need to find the zero frequency gain (K) of the following whitening/...
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