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State estimation in HyperSonic Missiles

I'm curious, what would be the correct approach for state estimation for hypersonic Missiles? Would it be exclusively GPS and IMU? Historically these are what was used, but I have also seen ground ...
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How Do Particle Filters Get Velocity When Tracking with Pos Measurements

I am new to particle filtering. I can see when particle filters are used with Ensemble Kalman's, the velocity of the states are taken care of by the Kalman. When tracking using particle filters ...
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Understanding the performance of Lucas Kanade Iterative Image Registration Technique

I am reading the paper: Lucas, B. D., & Kanade, T. (1981). An iterative image registration technique with an application to stereo vision. I am having some trouble understanding section 4.3 ...
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How does a Costas Loop lock to one of multiple BPSK signals

I've been looking into how GPS receivers work in terms of signal processing. When a GPS receiver tracks the received signal, it often uses a Costas loop to synchronize the carrier. How that works ...
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Extended Kalman Filter - how do I get transition functions

I am measuring position and velocity, both have some noise in them. Velocity is defined as derivative of position. The system is apparently non-linear so I need to use EKF. Model: \begin{align} X&...
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What is the order of the output of HoughCircles in OpenCV, when having several circles on a frame?

So I am trying to use stereo vision to calculate the depth of several red balls. With the function HoughCircles, I get an output at one frame from one of the cameras like for example: ...
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KLT tracker, reject tracked occluded points

I want to use KLT tracker for a visual odometry application. Thus, I only want to track object features. Currently I'm using OpenCV's implementation ...
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pre-processing to improve feature detector before tracking

I am trying to make tracking for soccer player, I need to detect features from this player and then estimate the distance difference of these pixels over number of frames. first I have to detect the ...
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Tracking Acquisition for Directed Scan

My problem: create a device that can take a scan of a target via a camera and a shooting rig (that I am building). The camera is connected to a motor that rotates the camera, and this is connected to ...
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How to correct for "track jumping" for multi-lined time series

I am creating an algorithm that tries to estimate three time-series that should not cross each other (voice formants). The problem is sometimes the algorithm mistakes one time series with another and ...
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Tracking a signal

I have two signals representing steering wheel angles, one representing the driver’s inputs (red), while the other one represents the system’s reference signal (blue). I want to estimate in real time ...
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Is my Kalman Filter model reasonable? Using for a 3 wheels rover platform

Background: I'm building a 3 omniwheel rover platform that looks something like this: It has 1 IMU sensors on each of the wheels (3 in total). So in theory, I can get gyroscope and accelerometer data ...
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Pedestrian Re-identification during tracking

During the multi-camera tracking, there is a situation where one person moves from one camera's coverage area to another. In that case that person has to be re-identified(as the one from previous ...
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