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Estimate and Track the Amplitude, Frequency and Phase of a Sine Signal Using a Kalman Filter

There is sinusoidally controlled signal, which other than being noisy, can change values for amplitude, frequency, phase and offset. At every new sample a new sine is fitted for the last N samples. ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Intuitive explanation of tracking with Kalman filters

I would much appreciate an intuitive explanation for (visual) tracking with Kalman filters. what I know: Prediction step: Dynamic system state $\mathbf x_t$: target location at time $t$ Measurement $...
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5 votes
1 answer

Using the Kalman filter given acceleration to estimate position and velocity

Note : port from this post, until fully merged. I am reading data from an accelerometer. I want to use this data to estimate velocity and position. Originally, I performed a double integration of ...
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Mid-point of worm-like objects

I have a video of worm-like objects which move. They can move in a straight line, they can rotate in circles, they can move in a serpentine/winding/sinuous way. I need to track them. I already have ...
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